Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure :

The success we have gained in the market since the establishment is the result of our state-of-the-art infrastructure which comprises manufacturing unit, designing department and an in-house design unit. The manufacturing unit is spread over a sprawling area in Uttar Pradesh, India, enabling us to meet the installation capacity of 100 units as well as maintain consistency in our product range.


A scroll compressor works by using two interleaving scrolls, meaning one scroll within the other, to compress fluids, in this case refrigerant. Scroll compressors are known for operating more quietly, smoothly and dependably than many other kinds of compressors. In the case of water-cooled chillers, scroll chillers usually have multiple compressors in one or two refrigeration circuits. Control is established by staging the compressors. They come with several components, such as: starter/control panels, drain valves, flow switches, electronic expansion valves, brazed plate evaporators, air-cooled or water-cooled condensers, subcoolers, interconnecting piping and (optionally) partial heat recovery.